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NarwhalLoverr NarwhalLoverr 10 April

Well done !1!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!







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Newbieesque Newbieesque 31 January


IADGFAHD lewyrewwejkesgdfge datdhaisd wduaidakiki.


(i like this wiki)


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GlxtchedGamer GlxtchedGamer 6 October 2021

Spicy Discussions Posts

Nothing to see here- Just some posts I'd like to get back to from time to time

  • Some fun Glitch Techs headcannons
  • Favourite GT Quotes?
  • If GT characters were vines
  • Which companion pet would you choose?
  • Should Mitch get a companion pet?
  • Favourite GT Character?
  • Guys... Are we all glitches?
  • Who do you ship with who?
  • Who would you be for 24 hours

  • Fake Tweets part 1
  • Fake Tweets part 2
  • Fake Tweets part 3
  • Fake Tweets part 4
  • Fake Tweets part 5
  • Fake Tweets part 6
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GlxtchedGamer GlxtchedGamer 4 June 2021

Coding Blog

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Melissamozurak Melissamozurak 8 May 2021

crossover fan arts

these are some of my art from my crossover adventures that includes the glitch techs characters.

they become friends with my characters and other characters that I like. I included them in one of my stories and a few of my random scenes so far.

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YaGorll YaGorll 15 April 2021


I've watched:

Phineas and Ferb, Steven Universe, Avatar(The Legend Of Korra and The Last AIibeder), Bee and PuppyCat, Milo Murphy's Law ,She ra and the Princesses of power, The Owl House , Star vs. The Forces of Evil , Gravity Fall's , Infinity Train , Miraculous Ladybug ,Over The Garden Wall , Kipo and the age of the WonderBeasts, Carmen Sandiego, The Dragon Prince, Amphibia, Craig of the Creek, and Glitch Tech's

What other cartoons should I watch?? I'd LOVE to hear suggestions :)

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I love gacha club I love gacha club 4 November 2020

gacha culld

play it its fun

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WeareFanboyandChumChum WeareFanboyandChumChum 12 October 2020

Should i watch GT

Should i start watching Glitch Techs? I am kinda interested in the show because it is made by the same guy who made Fanboy & Chum Chum. I am just wondering if the show was good.

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CloudPuff123 CloudPuff123 20 August 2020

Can someone draw my OC as a glitch tech

It would mean a lot to me, I literally can’t draw or I would draw her myself

Name: Cloud

Age: 15

Height: 5 foot 3

Sexuality: Bi all the way

Realationship Statues: Single

Personality: Outgoing and self confident

Looks: Cotton candy colored hair, pink left side blue right side, wears hair in big poofy buns, pale skin, green eyes

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NeptuneID13 NeptuneID13 20 August 2020

The new look stinks!

I realize that this is not the fault of the wiki; rather, it's the fault of FANDOM for migrating this wiki onto the new UCP software. I hate the look of it. I created three UCP wikis and I'm still not used to the look. Ugh.

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RedBallFire RedBallFire 29 July 2020

Because I don't want Achievements in this wiki

I saw that a few days ago there was a discussion about activating Achievements in this wiki, but I don't want any achievements, because? Well, some time ago I wanted to be on a wiki without achievements because I was already bored with it, and when I became an admin here I was going to activate them, but I realized that this wiki was perfect without them, and until now nobody wanted that, so there will be no achievements, and for those who wanted them, go forget that.

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DubbingDubs DubbingDubs 21 July 2020

Techs Glitched

Next Month new episodes. 


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Eminzaman Eminzaman 26 June 2020


Billy friend of Mika.He very cool soldier.

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Hal Hardbargain Hal Hardbargain 3 June 2020

Does Miko Love High Five?

I been wondering if Miko has a crush/feeling for High Five throughout the series? 

There has been evidence such as:

  • Her constant hugging towards High Five. 
  • High Five relationship towards Miko is as a friend but her towards him is more than a friend since she has other friends and does not treat them in a similar manner. 
  • She also does love to hang out with him often everywhere in the entire series so far and does not hangout or team up often with Bergy, Zahra, Haneesh, and Mitch (Just kidding about the last one). 

What are your thoughts about this and comment down below regarding Miko's relationship towards High Five can be more than just a simple friendship. 

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John Sullivan John Sullivan 12 May 2020

Netflix and Nick need to renew Glitch Techs ASAP!

Here's a link to a petition for Nick and Netflix to renew Glitch Techs for more seasons!

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RedBallFire RedBallFire 9 May 2020

Save Glitch Techs

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