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Cecil Bergoch or more commonly known as Bergy is a Glitch Tech member and a supporting character of Glitch Techs.


Cecil Bergoch, or "Bergy" for short, sticks to the low-level glitches which don't give out much XP and are considered beneath most Glitch Techs. However, due to these being relatively safer and easier to accomplish jobs, he's able to quickly rack up as much (if not more) XP as everyone else. He is also an escapist gamer who enjoys role-play and social interaction type of games. He was recruited for his overly-positive conduct in community forums.


He is shown to be kind and easy to befriend as well as cowardly by avoiding his boss and major missions. However, Bergy still contributes immensely in doing recollection missions. Though he is meek, Bergy is quick to jump to action when a friend is in danger.


Bergy has curly, red hair, a slim body, and a gap between his front teeth.


Miko Kubota

Miko is in good terms with Bergy, especially when she saved him in Castle Crawl even though she mentioned that she is not good at lying regarding Bergy's statue pose looking cool while taking photos with him in a scared pose and High Five on the mission and had a great time with him on the quest for gems in Collection Quest.

High Five

High Five is in good terms with Bergy, especially when he saved him in Castle Crawl but he took some photos with Miko and Bergy as a statue posed as scared on the mission, had a great time with him as buddies on the quest for gems in Collection Quest, and mind wipe Bergy by accident in Karate Trainer when High Five was startled by him.


Phil says, sarcastically, that he does not trust Bergy in Karate Trainer. Phil told High Five to keep it top secret from Bergy regarding intel mentioning that he is an undercover agent. Phil also said that he is not paying Bergy if he does not clean up the mess done by High Five.

Nica Kubota

Nica had a fun time with Bergy while on a quest for gems in Collection Quest and are in good terms.


Nix is Bergy's teammate, while on a mission to investigate a glitch in a neighborhood in Castle Crawl even though Nix told him to not get creeped when their gauntlets' powers and energy are drained inside the house but Bergy considers it an anxiety.



  • In "Castle Crawl", High Five and Miko take funny photos with him when he was turned into a statue by a Castlestein Glitch.
  • Blake, the girl at the Spaghetti In A Bucket drive through counter, is attracted to him and finds him "mysterious."
  • Bergy plays Sorcery Cards and uses a "swamp" deck.
  • Bergy has shown signs of potentially having a type of anxiety disorder, however this is unconfirmed.


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