Bailley is the hometown of Five and Miko. The local Hinobi Technology store, one of the Glitch Techs Headquarters and operated by Phil, is where they work.


Bailley is a remote suburban town, surrounded by mountains and pine trees and near a sea or ocean.

It is likely located in the northwestern United States, due to its surrounding landscape and the fact that many gaming and tech companies, such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Valve, are located in that area in real life.


Places of Interest


  • There exists a map of Bailley. Many streets have been named, but not e.g. the streets the main characters live in.
  • All Glitch Techs characters from the first 10 episodes live in Bailley.
  • The town is named after the video game programmer Dona Bailey, who is known for creating the Atari game Centipede.
  • Bailley's pet shop "Nolan's Ark" is named after Nolan Bushnell, and is a play on the bible story of Noah's Ark.


Snake Shack's name is similar to Shake Shack, a resturant.

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