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BUDS is the fourth episode of the second season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on August 17, 2020.[1]


Miko suspects that something is very, very wrong when Mitch suddenly starts acting nice. At a bizarre party, High Five sees that she might be right.


Mitch Squad and Dream Team arrive to a Copycat Glitch, but Mitch orders everyone to wait outside as he solo wins; Five points out that Mitch used to be a good gamer on his channel, postulating that being a Glitch Tech changed him for the worse. Back at HQ, a straggler Copycat stowed away in Mitch's coat takes him and pretends to be a better version of him to slowly replace other Glitch Techs with "BUDS"; Miko notes this behavior and warns Five, to no avail. At a party "Mitch" organized, Miko follows Glitch-Mitch and discovers the true nature of the Glitch it really is, only to be replaced herself. Five slowly discovers that everyone was replaced with Copycat plant Glitches, and narrowly escapes. Finding the main Glitch, he frees Miko but is caught by the Glitch and Glitch-Mitch tries to offering Five to join, but he refuses as Miko backs him up. To even the odds, they free the other Techs to group raid the BUDS Glitch, and real Mitch informs them to aim for the original Copycat and Five leads the derez. Afterward, Mitch thanks Five and Miko, but also takes everyone's XP, which his copycat gave away while impersonating him.



  • The episode title was first leaked by Dan Milano.
  • This is the first episode we see Mitch, Zahra, Haneesh and Nix in full casual outfits.
  • The episode confirms Zahra has a crush on High Five, and even asked Miko if her relationship with him meant something more than just friends before being caught by the Glitch.


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