The Binary Intelligence Tech Trainer, also known as BITT, is a robot that assists Hinobi and the Glitch Techs.

He is voiced by Dan Milano.


A floating robot that assists the Glitch Techs with information. He also serves as the link between Phil and his bosses. He's the one who directs Glitch Techs around, arranging for backup, and dispatches specialized powerups from HQ. This role is shared with Phil, who actually dispatches Glitch Techs to take care of Glitches and clean up the messes they cause.

It's revealed in season two, that when he was younger, Phil was mindwiped by someone else from Hinobi to hide something he discovered in the development labs. Knowing it was coming, he prepared a message to himself with the relevant data and covertly programmed BITT to be able to lead him back to it. It just took longer then expected to happen.

Power Abilities and Equipment

Glitch Techs Support: He can manage the whole system of the Glitch Techs, this include assist the teams with information related to their misions.

Donut Making: Ridley added this capacity to him whe she fixed him.

Exo Suit: equiped with energy blaster to damage glitches, give him a big protection but reduce his movility because of the size and weigth of it.


  • Malfunction: Bitt has constant ocacional malfunctions for a majority of the series, Ridley fixed some of these malfuncrions in "The New Recruit," but these reappear worse than before in "BITT Prime," which severely affected not only him but the entire system of Glitch Techs which is being controlled by him.


  • His name stands for Binary Intelligence Tech Trainer.
  • Miko's first reaction upon him booting up is to hug him and demand that she gets a robot like him.
  • His name references bits, which are used to measure how much data can be stored on a hard drive. It can also reference 8-bits, 16-bits, etc.


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