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Alpha Leader

Alpha Leader is the seventh episode of the first season of Glitch Techs, was premiered on Netflix on February 21, 2020.


What makes a good leader? High Five finds out the hard way when he steps up to head a team against four glitches that are on the loose.


Five & Miko, going by "Dream Team," aid Mitch's Raid Squad to derez a Glitch swarm, but Mitch gets an infection from the boss Glitch and is quarantined. Elsewhere, four MMO Avatar Glitches manifest in an abandoned amusement park, so Five is made Dream Team's Raid Leader with Haneesh and Zahra as add-ons. However, Mitch convinces Five's to "act like a leader", making Five replicate Mitch's toxic Leadership style, and dismissing Haneesh and Zahra's advice. After Miko destroys a Control Point Rod, their victory is short lived when all four MMO Glitches retaliate, forcing Dream Team to retreat. Once Five derezzed one of the Glitches, he learns they can respawn via a command ship, which Haneesh tried warning about all mission. Five realizes his team's capture is his fault, and with Ally's help to free Dream Team, Five makes amends so they can strategize to destroy the Respawn Ship. While Five fights the MMO Glitches, Dream Team use one of Haneesh's hacks to mod the control rods and destroy the respawn ship. With the glitches defeated, Dream Team commends Five for his leadership and being himself; Haneesh and Zahra decide to rotate leadership on missions to better their command skills.



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