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Ally is the digital pet bird from the Bravestone series of games and Miko and Five's pet. She lives in Miko's gauntlet.


Ally is a large bird resembling an ostrich that has red and yellow feathers all over her body. Her beak and legs are cerulean. Ally has two toes on each of her feet with visible talons. She has two large red wings and the tips of her wings are burgundy. Ally's face is covered with yellow feathers and the top of her head has three head feathers. Ally has three tail feathers with one tail feather being brighter than the others.

  • Normal
  • Jet Skin
  • Fire Form

Powers and Abilities

High Speed: She is agile and can run fast.

Teleportation: Can turn glitch energy to teleport in a short-range. This ability can't be used if an organic it retains or mounts her, but can teleport no life matter with her like the game controllers Miko uses to tie her in Going, Going, Gauntlet!.

Flight: She can fly carrying a person

Power Absorption: Can use the power of anything she eats being glitches or technological devices like Miko's gauntlet.

Power absorbed:

  • Fireballs (from a glitch).
  • Energy blasts (from Miko's gauntlet).

Fire Form: can enter this for a berry power up from her game, this health her she needs to refill her life points to use this form.

  • This form enhanced her normal abilities in especially the fly that can get much faster and high
  • She can throw fireballs in this from.


Ally likes being close to Miko.


  • For Miko, Ally is a beloved friend, but she also says she doesn't want to think too hard about whether or not as a glitch she counts as being alive or not.
  • When Ally seems to be broken, Five asks why Miko doesn't just get a new one (using the logic that no one would know), Miko states that she would know that it wouldn't be the real Ally.
  • Ally is most likely based off the ostriches from the Williams arcade game Joust, or Banjo's bird sidekick Kazooie from the Nintendo 64 game Banjo-Kazooie. Ally might also be based off Chocobos from the Final Fantasy franchise.
  • Ally's name may be a pun on the word ally, in video games meaning a helpful NPC.

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