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Age of Hinobi

"Age of Hinobi" is the first and second episode of the first season of Glitch Techs, and was premiered on Netflix on February 21, 2020. It is the first double-length episode.


A tournament for the city's best gamers brings together High Five and Miko, two competitors who figure something out suspect is going on.


A Glitch from the game "Zoid" attacks an innocent household. Glitch Tech Mitch Williams shows up, captures the glitch and resets the witnesses' memories.

The next day, Hector "High Five" Nieves rushes to the Hinobi store for their "Hinobi Smash" tournament being taken there by his grandparents who serve Mexican-Korean cuisine, while Miko "Me_K.O." Kubota sneaks out of a busyfamily function to join the tournament remotely, even though her folks said she was unable to. It turns out that Hinobi employee Mitch Williams is also taking part in the tournament. After a rough start, Five and Miko go co-op out of distain for Mitch's unsportsmanlike conduct.

Miko and Five reach the center platform, but a glitch occurs where the goal won't accept Five's ball, so Miko gives Five her ball to score the goal. But IRL, the Glitch manifests in front of the tournament audience, so Mitch's team defeats it and resets (almost) everyone's memories. However, it turns out that Miko is unaffected by the memory reset, and knows that something suspicious happened.

Miko's parents come back home and find out that she stayed home to play in the tournament. Miko tried to explain to them about the glitch she just saw, but her parents seem to not believe her. So Miko is sent to her room grounded from electronics, however she was able to escape to seek out Five - at first he doesn't remember meeting her, but she convinces him that they were at the Hinobi tournament together and that the game glitched. Together, they track down Mitch, who confirms their suspicions. He tells them everything that happened, but he says it doesn't matter because he'll just wipe their memories again - but no matter how many times he uses the memory wipe, it still doesn't work on Miko.

Five and Miko accidentally release the Zoid Glitch into an arcade. Mitch locks the pair in his van while he goes to re-capture the Glitch. Five and Miko activate BITT, and Five remembers what happened during the tournament. Five and Miko don Glitch Tech gear to capture the glitch, now 'Chomp Kitty', but it soon goes viral, manifesting other Glitch entities and eats Mitch. Five gets the idea to reverse a power-up into a nerf and derezzes Chomp Kitty, saving Mitch. In exchange for not telling anyone about Mitch's tournament loss since Hinobi relies on him to protect the town from glitches, Mitch and Phil explain to Miko's parents that she wasn't fibbing about the glitch she saw, but offers Miko and Five jobs at Hinobi, which Miko's parents approved. So Phil and Mitch reset Mr. and Mrs. Kubota, but only Miko's sister Lexi knows Miko's secret career. The next day, Miko and Five start their first training day at Hinobi, secret working as Glitch Techs themselves.



  • This is the longest episode, lasting for 46 minutes because it is two episodes of the same name bundled in one. It was supposed to be divided into two parts had it aired on Nickelodeon.[1]
  • The Glitch Techs theme song isn't included in this episode.
  • In this episode, Lexi finds out Miko's secret career but does not tell her that she knows until the later episode, "Karate Trainer".
  • Since "Age of Hinobi" is two episodes combined, the crew made them separately and label those throughout the production as 101-102.[2]
  • On the planning board in Miko's family's living room, several names of the crew behind Glitch Techs are hinted on notes, including the show's creators written as "Eric R." and Dan M."
  • Lupita appeared as a cameo among the kids with High Five and her name appears in the ending credits confirming that she is from another Nickelodeon show, Fanboy and Chum Chum.


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